First Aid with Immortelle

Immortelle Anti-Anging Blend Saves Face  Testimonial

A beautiful blend of powerful essential oils, Immortelle Anti-Aging Blend is formulated to protect and nourish skin while helping to reduce inflammation―a major contributor to the aging process. Supporting skin health at the cellular level, these essential oils sustain smoother, more radiant and youthful skin.

“My daughter runs hurdles for her high school track team. She was at a practice over spring break when her coach pushed her to 3-step the hurdles. She hit hurdle number five with her trailing foot which sent her flying.  She was moving so fast that she was unable to catch herself. Her face hit the ground first and the impact was to her right eye. She managed to get up with some help from the coaches but when she came home she had marked swelling and a significant abrasion.

The Day of the Accident

I had just received the Immortelle blend the previous week. I knew there were valuable oils contained in the blend such as, frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, myrrh, helichrysum, and rose. Armed with this arsenal of oils, perfect for wound care and skin rejuvenation, I went to work. I applied the Immortelle blend to her face and then covered it with ice. My daughter was unhappy because the eye and wound were so sensitive. I gave her the “tough love” lecture.

Three Days After the Accident

I was consistently ensuring that the blend was applied a minimum of twice a day. We were careful when placing it above and below the eye and on the abrasion. The whole process was amazing. My daughters scab began falling off after only the 5th day. There was healthy skin underneath and the black eye and swelling were dramatically diminished.

Seven Days After the Accident

From the first day of her track accident until the wound was fully healed was only eleven days! I feel Immortelle increased the healing process. It gave my daughter’s skin the tools to lay down healthy skin cells without creating a scar.  Immortelle is a wonderful addition to my skin care regimen but it is also part of my family’s first aid and wound care protocol.

Eleven Days After the Accident

Thank you for creating this blend.  Immortelle saved my teenage daughters face!”

– Julie M


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