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Clove Essential Oil
Eugenia caryophyllata

Clove is much more than a popular cooking spice, it is a favorite among both health care professionals and health conscious individuals for its many useful and healing properties. It is also a powerful antioxidant.

Clove oil has a sweet, spicy fragrance that is stimulating and revitalizing.

Our Clove essential oil is therapeutic grade which means that only the highest quality and purest form of the essential oil is used and can be used for therapeutic purposes.

Properties: Antibacterial, analgesic, anti-infectious, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, strong antiseptic, disinfectant, antiviral, and immune stimulant.

Historical Uses: Clove essential oil has been used historically for digestive upsets, skin infections, childbirth, intestinal parasites and most commonly for toothache

Aromatic Guide: Can influence healing, create a feeling of courage and protection and improve memory.

Commons uses for Clove essential oil:

  • Dental – can be used to treat cavities as well as soothe teething gums in children when diluted with an oil, such as coconut oil (dilute 1 drop to 1 tbs of carrier oil).
  • Due to its antiseptic properties, clove oil is useful for wound, cuts, scabies, athlete’s foot, fungal infections, bruises, prickly heat, scabies, etc. It can also be used for treating insect bites and stings. Clove oil is very strong in nature and hence should be used in diluted form. Further, it should not be used on sensitive skin.
  • Skin care, especially when dealing with acne.
  • Clove oil is aphrodisiac in nature and hence serves as an excellent stress reliever.
  • Nausea: Clove oil is helpful in case of nausea and vomiting and is often used for pregnancy related vomiting.
How to use:
Diffuse, or apply topically, mixed with fractionated coconut oil.  Add one to two drops in four fl oz of water, and use as a gargle.  May be applied neat (i.e.: undiluted) on palms of hands and bottoms of feet, as well as on gums and teeth.  May be added to food or rice milk as a dietary supplement.


  • Topically – Dilute with a carrier oil before applying to the skin. A ratio of 1:1 should be sufficient. Apply to the bodies reflex points or directly to the area of concern. If using in the mouth, rub directly on the gums surrounding the infected tool. Place on tongue to remove desire to smoke. Can be applied to the back of the mouth/tongue for tickling cough.
  • Aromatically – Diffuse
  • Internally – Take internally for healthy maintenance. Use gel caps for ease of use, or take with honey or some type of beverage.
Other great uses for DoTerra Clove Essential Oil:

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On children all essential oils should be dliuted 1:1 ratio with coconut oil or almond oil and in some essential oils you’ll use a higher ratio of the carrier oil.

Fabulous Frankincense – “The King of Essential Oils”

Fabulous Frankincense -More Valuable Than Gold

Frankincense is a truly unique essential oil, with a rich, aromatic scent that is calming to the senses, emotional state and overall sense of well-being.  One of the gifts given to Christ at His birth, it was considered to be more valuable than gold.
Here are a few of the many benefits of doTERRA’s Frankincense.
  • Skin rejuvenator
  • Cell regeneration
  • Alleviates cold and flu symptoms
  • Soothes joint pain and discomfort
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves circulation
  • Aids in digestion
  • Improves eye site
  • Promotes healing of scar tissue, ulcers, & wounds
  • Expectorant
  • Improves mood (depression, mood swings, anxiety)
  • Reduces stress
  • Studies show Frankincense inhibits the growth of cancer cells **

**Check here for an article about Frankincense & Bladder Cancer or here for an article about Frankincense and Melanoma**
doTERRA’s Frankincense contains 70% monoterpenes.Why do we want monoterpenes?Monoterpenes have been studied to help stimulate Apoptosis which is the process in which the body gets rid of damaged DNA. It is said that 95% of cancers are a direct result from damaged DNA.

Monoterpenes also increase the level of liver enzymes involved in removing carcinogenic toxins and interferes with the cancer process.

How amazing is that!

It’s no secret why Frankincense is known as “King of Essential oils.

To read an article on frankincense and cancer, click here.


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This valuable oil is also included with the Family Physician Kit.

“I started using frankincense daily to help with the inflammation in my back.  I have multiple herniated disks and frankincense, along with Deep Blue, peppermint and lavender has helped my pain–it’s nice not having to take medication daily.” – Zach J.
“I have used frankincense for many things, from supporting the respiratory system to the skin. Recently I was feeling extremely anxious and could not figure out why. I went to my oils and frankincense just seemed to jump out at me, so I put some on and put it in my bag to carry that day. I reapplied as I noticed the feeling, and by noon, I wasn’t feeling anxious anymore.Frankincense stimulates the limbic system of the brain which is the center of memory and emotions, so I felt that by stimulating positive emotions, I was able to overcome the anxiousness I was feeling. Frankincense is also used for spiritual protection and healing and is referenced over 52 times in the Bible. “-Niki M.
“I would like to share my husband’s testimony regarding frankincense. He developed a sore on the back of his neck which quickly became a lump. He agreed to let a physician look at it, and was told that he needed to see a dermatologist because he suspected that it was skin cancer. He said that they would set up his appointment for him.I told my husband what I had learned about frankincense so he eagerly agreed to use it. I applied it to what was now an open sore, and within the next several days we witnessed it decreasing in size and appearance. We believe that God our Father had His hand on this situation because we didn’t receive a call regarding the scheduled appointment until after the lump and open sore was healing.We continued to apply the frankincense and we are thankful to report that there is absolutely no evidence that anything was there. Praise be to God for these special oils! ” -Darla F
“My husband is the biggest sceptic when it comes to essential oils. He has been diagnosed with emphysema. Once he had a cold and his lungs were making it difficult for him to get a full breath. I asked his permission and used Frankincense, and Eucalyptus directly on the skin of his back and chest corresponding to the lungs. I placed a few drops of each oil on my hands and applied to the four sides of his body: front left, front right, back left and back right. His lungs cleared in a few minutes he had a loose, productive cough” -Laura
It’s been many years in the making but I can now share my testimonial on Frankincense and breast masses. This past month I finally got my first ‘normal’ mamogram in many years. I’ve had fibrocystic breasts since the age of 26. But in my 40’s when I started getting mamograms my left breast was always unstable requiring more and more views. Meaning more and more radiation. I once questioned the doctor about how I thought all this radiation was doing more harm than good. He said the benefits far outweighed the risks. I was introduced to essential oils and decided to take matters into my own hands. I stopped going in every six months for mamograms and used Frankincense neet on my breasts daily. I waited about three years and went back for a mamogram. They said they now needed to do an ultrasound. So I went for the ultra sound and then they wanted me to get another one. Finally I got ahold of the doctor and questioned her what they were looking for and she said that when I went in for the mamogram after three years of not having any, the three masses they were following in my breast weren’t there and they were looking deeper to see if they went deeper into my breast. But they didn’t. They completely dissappeared. So, just to be sure I waited till this year, went in for my annual mamogram, and just got the notice back saying my mamogram was normal. I use the oils every day for various things and they always work for me. – Joan

All Natural Stomach Ulcer Support

DoTerra Essential Oil Support For:

Stomach Ulcers

Peptic ulcer disease refers to painful sores or ulcers in the lining of the stomach or first part of the small intestine, called the duodenum

No single cause has been found for ulcers. However, it is now clear that an ulcer is the end result of an imbalance between digestive fluids in the stomach and duodenum. Ulcers can be caused by:

  • Infection with a type of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)
  • Use of painkillers called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin, naproxen (Aleve, Anaprox, Naprosyn, and others), ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, Midol, and others), and many others available by prescription. Even aspirin coated with a special substance can still cause ulcers.
  • Excess acid production from gastrinomas, tumors of the acid producing cells of the stomach that increases acid output; seen in Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

Though ulcers often heal on their own, you shouldn’t ignore their warning signs. If not properly treated, ulcers can lead to serious health problems, including:

  • Bleeding
  • Perforation (a hole through the wall of the stomach)

Click here for ulcer symptoms & causes

Since so many over the counter medicines (listed above) can cause ulcers, it makes sense to try an all-natural approach to relieving them. doTERRA Essential Oils work perfectly with the body to support normal functions of the body and dōTERRA products are safe to use on all ages.


doTERRA Essential Oil Users Have Found The Following To Assist In Ulcer Support:

Take 3-4 drops each of DigestZen Oil Blend, Clove Oil, Oregano Oil and Peppermint Oil in a capsule daily (until symptoms disappear up to 10 days)

Rub DigestZen Oil Blend on stomach area, 1-2 times a day

Rub Frankincense Oil and Myrrh Oil on feet, nightly

Additional Help:

Drink 1-2 drops of Peppermint Oil in 8 oz of water once a day

Drink 2-3 drops of Lemongrass Oil in 8 oz of water 2-3 times a day

Take Life Long Vitality Vitamins daily


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.”

Stomach Ulcers & Essential Oils

Stomach Ulcers

Make a gel capsule using 3 drops DigestZen, 3 drops Frankincense.
Rub 3-5 drops DigestZen on the belly or area of pain.

Apply/ingest 2-3 times daily till symptoms dissipate , then at least once daily for 7-10 days after that.

MAKE A TEA: Blending 8oz hot water, 1-2 tbs honey & 1 drop each of
DigestZen and Frankincense.

Also consider Coriander.

(It was recommended to me) to try make a capsule that had 5 drops of DigestZen (blend) and 2 drops of Frankincense.  I made them as I took them and started out taking them 3 times a day (mostly).  The first day the pain went from a constant 8 or 9 to about a 3.  I was amazed and kept taking the blend. Within a week the pain was gone.  I kept taking the blend for about a week and have had NO problems since.

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