Why is Melissa Essential Oil so expensive?

Melissa Essential Oil
Melissa officinalis

Our most expensive and rare oil, Melissa essential oil has a sweet, fresh, citrus-like fragrance and is steam distilled from the fresh flowering tops, leaves and stems of the Melissa officinalis plant. With a wide range of therapeutic properties, Melissa can be used for calming the nerves, addressing stomach discomfort, mood support, and seasonal bugs. Because the Melissa plant has an oil yield of less than 1/10 of 1%, it is one of the most commonly adulterated oils. For aromatic, topical, or internal use.

Melissa essential oil (also known as Lemon Balm) has a great variety of possible effects. The word ‘Melissa’ is Greek for ‘Honey Bee’, Melissa having been planted near bee hives to produce the most delicious honey. Melissa oil is considered one of the most powerfully medicinal essential oils in all of aromatherapy, with a wonderfully pleasant sweet, herbaceous aroma.

A great deal of oil sold as Melissa today is actually a blend of lemongrass and citronella oils – ‘true’ Melissa oil has its own unique aroma and properties. Melissa’s high cost is a result of needing 3.5 to 7.5 tons of plant material to produce 1 pound of essential oil. The resulting oil from this sweet-smelling herb is a pale yellow liquid with a light, fresh lemony aroma. Melissa oil offered at exceptionally low prices is likely to be adulterated in some way, and will not have the medicinal properties of the true essential oil.

Melissa was called the ‘elixir of life’ by Avincenna, the ancient Roman physician. The herb was associated particularly with nervous disorders, the heart, and emotions. Melissa was used for anxiety, melancholy, and to strengthen and revive the vital spirit.

To quote Kurt Schnaubelt in Advanced Aromatherapy, “The way in which melissa oil combines an excellent antiviral component with a soothing but pervasive sedative power is difficult to imagine; it has to be experienced. In its complexity, power, and gentleness, melissa oil perfectly illustrates how nature time after time works better than one-dimensional synthetic medicines.”

Melissa is a strong antiviral – a doctor at the Technical University of Munich reported that application caused a complete remission of Herpes Simplex lesions. A component of Melissa oil was isolated and is sold in ‘Lomaherpan’ cream in Germany, though the oil can effectively used alone. While it is expensive, only one drop at a time is needed on lesions to promote remission. A drop can be applied directly on the area a few times a day to speed healing, and again when an outbreak is soon to occur – following this protocol was shown to prevent further outbreaks in a significant portion of study participants.

At the same time, Melissa is very gentle on the emotions, and can bring out this quality in a individual. Melissa oil is said to be calming and uplifting, may relieve headaches, and may help balance the emotions. Results of a study published in an alternative medicine journal showed Melissa to be effective in reducing agitation, and may have significant quality-of-life effects. Further, it may help release emotional blocks and lead to an improved outlook on life.

It is a mild sedative in small doses, and believed to calm anxiety. Both calming and uplifting, Melissa Essential oil is said to be extremely useful in cases of emotional shock, grief, fear and anger. It is said to bring acceptance and understanding.

Dementia: A recent study quoted in the Journal of Complimentary Medicine showed that Melissa Essential oil is a safe and effective treatment for the management of agitation in severe dementia.  The study indicates that true pure melissa oil significantly reduced agitation and has important quality of life benefits.

Use of a Melissa herbal extract in a study of patients with mild to moderate Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) experienced significant benefits in cognition after 16 weeks of treatment.

List of common uses:

  • Anti Depressant: This property is one of the four aces of the medicinal properties of this oil. It is an effective mood lifter and anti depressant. It has been found to drive away sadness and bring joy and hope. That is why it was called “Elixir of Life” or “Nectar of Life”, way back in Fifteenth Century.
  • Cordial: This means that it invokes warm feelings and gives warmth to the respiratory system and the cardio-vascular system. One can avoid frequent colds with the help of this property.
  • Nervine: It is a Nervine. This means that it serves as a tonic for the nervous systems, keeping it healthy, functioning properly and strong and helps avoid nervous disorders. Problems like vertigo, nervousness, convulsions etc. can be treated using this property of Melissa Essential Oil.
  • Emenagogue: Many problems related to menstruation and Post Menstrual Syndrome can be treated with the help of Melissa Oil. These include problem of obstructed menses, irregular menses, pain and extreme fatigue during periods and others such as untimely menopause, annoyance and depression after menopause etc.
  • Sedative: This essential oil sedates and soothes. It is good on calming inflammations,anxiety, nervousness, trauma and shock. It also promotes sleep due to this property. It relaxes body, mind and soul and brings peace. Once upon a time, it was used to help soldiers relax and drive away tiredness.
  • Anti Spasmodic: An unreasonable and excessive contraction in the body is called Spasm. Spasm can be of respiratory system, muscular system, nervous system and digestive system and may give severe coughs, muscular cramps, convulsions, breathlessness and severe abdominal pains respectively. Spasm should not be taken lightly since in extreme cases it may be lethal. The essential oil of Melissa, being an effective sedative and relaxant, can give fast relief from spasm.
  • Stomachic: One that soothes stomach; tones it up and strengthens it; is called a stomachic. Melissa Oil, being a stomachic, helps in the smooth functioning of stomach. It helps heal the wounds, scratches or ulcers in the stomach, maintains proper flow of gastric juices and bile into the stomach and also protects it from infections.
  • Anti Bacterial: Melissa Oil has anti bacterial properties and found effective in inhibiting bacterial infections in the colon, intestines, urinary tract and kidneys.
  • Carminative: Gases, building up in the intestines, are forced out by this oil. It is very effective in expelling gases by reducing the tension in the abdominal muscles.
  • Diaphoretic & Sudorific: Both the words Diaphoretic and Sudorific mean the same. That is, an agent that promotes sweating or perspiration. Melissa Oil has these properties. These properties are of great benefit to health since with the sweat, a lot of toxins are removed and the pores on skin are cleaned so that some harmful gases like Nitrogen (not all gases are formed in the stomach) may escape. This is called breathing of skin. Perspiration also cools you down.
  • Febrifuge: Being an anti bacterial it fights the bacterial or microbial infections in the body, including those causing fever. Again, since it has sudorific properties, it helps reduce body temperature and removal of toxins produced during fever, through sweat.
  • Hypotensive: This is something which may be of immense benefits for hypertensive people who run the risk of heart attack or brain haemorrhage whenever pressure goes up. Melissa Oil, being hypotensive, brings down the blood pressure.
  • Tonic: A tonic is meant for all round benefits for the health. A tonic keeps everything in order, all the systems functioning properly, boosts immunity and gives strength. Melissa Oil has certain components in it which do exactly this.
  • Other Benefits: This oil is also found effective in treatment of Herpes, sores, ulcers, fungal infections, headaches, fatigue etc. It also boosts memory.
  • Few Words of Caution: It is Non-toxic but may cause irritations or sensations to sensitive people. So, pregnant women and those who have sensitive skin should avoid using it.


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