Natural Wart Removal…

Wart Removal

Essential oils differ in their effectiveness person to person and depending on the type of HPV (wart).  Some experimentation may be necessary.  Essential oils can show effectiveness against warts in just a few days or it may take weeks of consistent application.

Place single drops of essential oils directly on a wart at least twice daily.  For some oils or area’s of application (genital, underarm, or other sensitive’s) consider using a carrier to dilute it such as coconut or olive oil if necessary.

Effective oils
On Guard

Continue application till the tumor is not visible, plus 7-14 days.

Note:  Besides the visible warts that is seen above the skin, warts can sometimes have a large mass of tumor unseen beneath the skin. Essential oils will work from the inside first, so you may not see improvement for a while, or it can appear as though the wart is growing for a short while.

You can consider other essenitial oils that are anti-viral.
Basil, Melaleuca, Thyme


My sister had warts all through high school when we lived in Massachusetts. When she left and moved to Arizona, the warts went away. After being away for 40 years, she met and married her high school sweetheart and moved back to Massachusetts this year.  Within three weeks, the warts were back!  By June, she’d already had them burned off a couple of times, but they came back within weeks.  At my suggestion, she put a drop of frankincense on each wart and within two days, they began to dry up and disappear.  It was really amazing to see it work!


I read that lemon was good for warts, and my son had a couple of little ones on his hands, so we put it on only a couple of times, and they are gone!
-Ashlie –

My oldest had a very large plantar wart on his foot. (My Friend Gina) gave me a little sample bottle of OnGuard and told me to put a drop on the wart, morning and night.

I put a drop on his wart as soon as I got home and then again in the morning. He started to complain that it was itching.   So I put a little olive oil on the skin surrounding the wart and we headed to the doctor’s appointment. We were told that it was so big that burning it off would be painful, very very painful.  My son said, I think I can handle the itching that the oil is giving me more than burning.  The doctor gave us a pad that was intended to dry out the wart and said it should take the wart away in 6 weeks and if it hadn’t come back and we’d go the burning route.

I continued to use the OnGuard, twice a day, every day.  Two weeks after the first application the wart fell off, leaving healthy skin and one very happy boy. He told me on several occasions that the slightly itchy feeling was way better than burning it off. And I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to call the doctor so soon after the appointment and let him know that the wart was gone. Thrilling!





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