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Lyme Disease

Lyme diseaseis a bacterial infection of the bacterium borrelia burgdorferi (also know as spirochete) which is carried by ticks from deer or mice to humans.  The infection has now been found in North America and also in Europe.

(the name comes from the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut where the disease was first identified in 1975)

Early symptoms of the infection may not be noticed or if noticed resemble flu symptoms such as fever, headaches, body aches, and muscle pain.  A “bulls eye” rash may occur at the spot of the tick bite.  Antibiotics at this early stage will likely provide complete recovery.

If not treated properly other symptoms may occur over time and persist disrupting a normal active life.  These later symptoms and complications may include chronic problems including arthritic type pain with inflammation of the joints.  There may also be brain or nervous system chronic problems including difficulty with memory, concentration, and vision.  Also reports have included symptoms such as widespread itching and mood changes.

Even after the bacterial infection has been arrested some report continued symptoms.  This has been labeled post-Lyme disease syndrome.  Extended symptoms are most commonly arthritic or heart related.

The Lyme disease tick:

The infected tick is commonly in wooded or grassy rural areas and most dangerous for transmittal in the spring, summer, to early fall season.  You must be bitten by a tick carrying the bacterium (not all ticks are carriers) and have it attached to your body to get Lyme disease.

The Black Legged Deer Tick

 Use common sense procedures to avoid ticks if you are in suspected areas:

·  Use an insect repellent

·  Wear long sleeve shirt

·  Wear high boots, tuck pants into socks

·  Check for ticks (light colored clothing make them easier to spot)

Deer ticks are small, especially in the nymph stage, so they may go undetected so watch for these signs.  The area of the bite usually will redden with the “bulls eye” pattern within 3 to 30 days.  Flu like symptoms will occur.


There are multiple phases of Lyme disease:

·  During the initial infectious stage (immediately after the tick bite) the use of an antibiotic protocols will be effective and if started early enough will eliminate further complications.

·  If the initial phase went undetected or untreated and some period of time passed before being diagnosed then the antibiotic protocols should be coupled with cleansing protocols and must be extended over a longer period of time.

·  If the infection is arrested but symptoms continue (post-Lyme disease syndrome) then the antibiotics and cleanses may not be necessary but Candida should be considered while addressing the symptoms.

doTERRA Essential Oils work perfectly with the body to support normal functions of the body and dōTERRA products are safe to use on all ages.


doTERRA Essential Oil Users Have Found The Following To Assist In Lyme Disease Support:

In all cases the Life Long Vitality supplements should be used.

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*Double the recommended use of EOMega from 4 capsules per day to 8 for those considered to be in the second phase as described above.

Antibiotic protocol

Put the following in a veggie capsule:

·   12 drops OnGuard Oil Blend

·   6 drops Oregano Oil

·   2 drops Frankincense Oil

One capsule per day for 14 days, rest 14 days and repeat.  During the 14 rest days apply 2 drops of  lemongrass and 1 drop of on guard on each foot before bedtime as well as take a probiotic daily.

With the antibiotic procedure be aware of the possibility of Herxheimer reaction* and if rashes or other symptoms occur reduce the daily dosage while continuing the procedure.  Remember that just the presence of a tick does not mean someone has Lyme disease.  Most do no start an antibiotic protocol unless the symptoms appear.

*Herxheimer reaction this occurs when large quantities of toxins are released into the body with a cleanse or using antibacterial oils as spirochetes bacterium die off.  The release of toxins may be faster than the body can remove them and result in fever, chills, headache, rash or other skin disorders. 

Cleanse (detoxify)

Use the full 15 day GX Assist/PB Assist procedure 3 times:

·   GX Assist (30 softgels taken 3 times a day over 10 days)

·   Followed by PB Assist (15 beadlets taken 3 times a day over 5 days)

·   rest 10 days.

·   repeat 2 more times.

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Other cleanses are described elsewhere and should be considered including doTERRA Zendocrine for detoxifying the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin.

Again be aware of the Herxheimer reaction and if rashes or other symptoms occur cut the daily dosage while continuing the procedure.  Return to full dosage as Herxheimer reactions subside.


Supplements/Antibiotics/Cleanse sequence

·   If multiple protocols are necessary consider the following:  The Life Long Vitality supplements can be taken along with the antibiotic and cleansing procedures.

·   If the antibiotic and cleansing procedures are both needed it is prudent to sequence them starting with the antibiotic protocol, a 14 day rest, and then the cleanse.


Additional Help:

Drink 2-4 drops of Lemon Oil in water, daily (glass containers ONLY)

Pain, Comfort, Immune System

For those in the second phase of Lyme disease or suffering from post-Lyme disease syndrome using the AromaTouch Technique often will provide comfort, relief of pain and help build the immune system.

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“I supposedly still have Lyme Disease in my blood. I was the 6th person to get it in the state of NM. I had to take antibiotics every 6 weeks for 6 months. Then because of all the antibiotics, I developed Candida. I had lots of joint pain and underlying flu like symptoms all the time. I was very sick. I started the rotation diet, and did that for two years, cutting out all sweets, all red sauce, bread…etc. When I started taking using essential oils 11 years ago my body started to clear itself of the toxins. Then when I started the doTERRA Life Long Vitatlity supplement last year I noticed a big improvement. When I don’t take them, (like I forget sometimes) I notice a big difference! I have also used several oils internally, frankincense, lavender, oregano, and melaleuca in a capsule. I don’t have much of the symptoms any more. Taking the Life Long Wellness supplements seems to be the key. ” – Jan



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