DIY: Make Your Own Cordless Heating Pad to Use with doTERRA Oils

Homemade Heating Pad Using Essential Oils


A heating pad can be used for many reasons; on sore muscles, tired eyes, for monthly discomfort, or just to warm up and relax from the cold outdoors.

However you intend to use a heating pad, you can easily customize one for your needs by making your own in the shape, size, or color you desire. Creating your own heating pad also means you are not dependent on staying near an electrical outlet, since this one is microwaveable.

And the best part—you can add essential oils for additional relief and aromatherapy! Let’s get started.

What You Need: 

Flannel fabricresize2

Flax seeds

(you can also use rice, dried beans, or corn kernels)

Sewing machine

Fabric marker



dōTERRA essential oil

Microwave/oven with oven-safe dish



The great thing about making your own heating pad is that you can customize it to be any shape or size you want. Decide first which size you want to make before purchasing any fabric, and then make sure to buy enough material. The tutorial below is for a longer heating pad that can be draped over your shoulders or wrapped around your knee, head, or stomach.

1- Cut your fabric into a 17″ x 12″ rectangle. (This took 1/2 yard of fabric).


2- Fold fabric in half (long way) with the right sides together.

3- Sew 1/4″ seam all the way around leaving a 3 inch opening on a short end.



4-Turn right side out.


5- Take the ruler and divide the length into 4 equal sections, then mark each quarter with a fabric marker. This will make sure that the flax seeds are evenly distributed throughout the heating pad so the seeds don’t clump into one area.

resize 8

6- Loosely fill the first quarter with flax seeds. Sew on marked line. Be careful not to stitch up any of the seeds. (Use about 1 1/2 cups of flax seeds per section).


resize 10

7- Repeat step 6 until this process has been completed on the other 3 sections.


8- When last section is loosely filled, turn the opening under 1/4 inch and sew across to seal the heating pad.


9- That’s it, you’re done! When you are ready to use your heating pad, add 2 drops of essential oil to the outer fabric and microwave until you reach your desired temperature. (2-3 minutes is enough in most instances).

Editor’s Note: If you don’t have a microwave, you can heat your heating pad by putting it in an oven-safe dish and heating it in the oven at 150 degrees for 15 minutes. Remember to set a timer and to frequently check your heating pad to make sure it doesn’t get too hot and become a fire hazard.

CAUTION: The heating pad will be very warm and can burn you if you heat it for too long. Start by putting your heating bag in the microwave for 1 minute, and then increase by 30 second increments until you have achieved your desired temperature. If you accidentally heat it for too long, let it rest until it becomes cooler. You might also want to place a wash cloth or towel against your skin to act as a barrier and to ensure you don’t get burned in case you heat it more than you intended. 





If you smell burning while microwaving your heating pad, you are microwaving it too long. Try cutting down the heating time or lowering the power setting to 50%.

Use the leftover fabric to make hand warmers.


Homemade heating pads make great gifts. Give a heating pad with a bottle of your favorite dōTERRA essential oil to friends and loved ones for a practical gift they are sure to love!

Customize the essential oils you use. Have a headache? Put some Peppermint and Lavender essential oil on your heating pad, or directly on your skin before using the heating pad. Congested? Try Eucalyptus or Breathe Respiratory Blend.

The options are endless!


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