Homemade ‘Vapor’ Shower Disks

doTERRA Homemade Vapor Shower Disks

Feeling congested? Need help opening your sinuses?

I have a little something that may give you some relief. ‘Vapor’ Shower Disks!

Homemade ‘Vapor’ Shower Disks

(adapted recipe via Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity)
2 1/4 C baking soda
3/4 C water
15 drops (each) lavendereucalyptus and rosemary essential oil
24 count mini muffin tin
24 mini muffin paper liners
In a large bowl, combine your baking soda and water. Stir thoroughly to combine (the consistency will be a soupy paste). Add your essential oils, 15 drops of each, into your paste mixture and stir.
Spoon your mixture into your lined muffin tin and allow the disks to dry 18- 24 hours.
To use, remove the liner from the disk and place disk on the shower floor and into the water stream of a warm shower. Shower as normal and breath in the wonderful vapors from the disk that should help to clear your stuffy nose and sinuses.

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  1. Awesome n works

    Have a blessed day:) Catherine

  2. Is this something that needs to be used up relatively quickly? Such as with in the season & not rolling them into next winter?

    • You can freeze them to store them for later as well :-)

  3. mine go straight down the drain, no help at all! What am I doing wrong?!

  4. Making these was easy. I didn’t have rosemary at the time so only used the lavender and eucalyptus. Not sure if I didn’t have enough oil in them or not because they just don’t smell like anything in the shower. Mine don’t fizz either they just “melt” away in the shower. The paper cupcake liners obviously absorbed some of the moisture from the discs. What did I do wrong?

  5. I keep mine in a baggie sealed. In addition, when I need a little extra boost for congestion I will sometimes add another drop of Eucalyptus. You can also add breathe which is stronger smelling or peppermint. I think you are waiting for the wow in the smell, but Eucalyptus isn’t overly strong compared to peppermint or breathe. Hope this helps. :)

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