dōTERRA’s DDR Prime Essential Oil Cellular Complex

DDR Prime

DDR Prime Cellular Complex

dōTERRA’s DDR Prime™ Essential Oil Cellular Complex is a proprietary blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils combined to support healthy cell biogenesis, function, and renewal. DDR Prime includes the pure aromatic compounds of frankincense, wild orange, lemongrass, thyme, summer savory, clove, and niaouli that have been shown in clinical studies to support cellular health and vitality.


As the basic structure of all living things, cells perform three primary functions: they make copies of themselves, they perform a specialized function, and they self-destruct when they are not performing their first two functions correctly. As we age, cellular function can be compromised by poor nutrition, obesity, stress, and exposure to harmful environmental influences such as infectious microorganisms and toxic chemicals. When cellular DNA and other structures are compromised, cells can fail to regenerate, fail to function as programmed, and fail to initiate the normal and healthy process of cellular turnover and renewal.

Cellular Renewal through Apoptosis

Cells have a limited lifespan for performing their many unique and specialized functions in an organism. A normal and natural mechanism for maintaining optimal cell function is a process of cellular renewal called apoptosis in which older cells are eliminated through a process of self-regulated destruction, and new cells are made to replace old cells. Through this process, humans replace the approximate equivalent of their body weight in new cells every year! If cellular apoptosis and regeneration are compromised, sub-optimal health conditions may follow. Staying young and enjoying a long life of vitality begins with healthy cellular function.

Free Radical Molecules and DNA

Free radical molecules are molecules with one or more unpaired electrons that can potentially damage cellular structures including cellular DNA. Found in the nucleus of each cell, DNA stores the instructions for cellular regeneration, function, repair, and apoptosis. When DNA is compromised, cell function can be compromised and unhealthy conditions such as the early onset of degenerative conditions associated with aging can be accelerated.Antioxidants are molecules with one or more electrons to spare. Antioxidants can neutralize free-radical molecules stopping their destructive cycle of damage to cellular DNA and compromised cellular function. Although our bodies can produce some antioxidants, we primarily depend on dietary sources of antioxidants to neutralize free-radical stress on cells. Eating foods that are rich in natural antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, managing stress, and limiting our exposure to external sources of toxic free-radical molecules can help support cellular longevity and vitality.

DDR Prime is available as a pure blend in a 30 ml bottle, or in a liquid capsule format that includes dōTERRA’s Nanosomal Lipid Assimilation System for improved bioavailability and digestion.


Primary Benefits

• Supports healthy cell proliferation and lifespan by reducing oxidative stress to DNA and other critical cell structures
• Supports healthy cellular apoptosis and renewal


What Makes This Product Unique?

• A proprietary blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®
essential oils of frankincense, wild orange, lemongrass, thyme, summer savory, clove, and niaouli
• One 8-drop serving (480 mg) has an ORAC 5.0 score of over 5,000
• Available in a 30 ml bottle, or as a liquid capsule with Nanosomal Lipid Delivery System


Who Should Use this Product?

DDR Prime is formulated to be used by adults concerned with cellular regeneration, function, and renewal.


Directions for Use

Oil Blend: Adults, take 4 drops, two (2) times a day with food. Can also be used topically. Use only as directed.
Liquid Capsules: Adults, take 1 liquid cap, two (2) times a day with food.


“It’s my new favorite go-to oil for inflammation and hypothyroidism.” – Jessica Lewis

“When I have a flare up of my lupus symptoms a rash on my thighs and biceps generally stays for a few months. Recently I had a flare up and had just received my Ddr prime. One capsule and the rash was gone in just a few hours! I now take ddr prime daily and am seeing great results. Only one brief flare up since starting it.” – Judi Van Horn


DDR Prime Cellular Complex 30 ml bottle  or 60 liquid caps

Consultant price: $55.00 (55 PV)
Preferred customer: $58.67
Retail customer: $73.33



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