Back To School Essential Oils

Essential Oils In The Classroom

(for Teachers & Students)

Move over summer-a new school year is coming!

Now that its back-to-school time, your family is going to be exposed to a warfare of germs, viruses, and pathogens. There will also be sluggish mornings and less than tranquil evenings and worry over your child’s academic performance.

Energize your mornings with diffusing Citrus Bliss Oil Blend, Peppermint Oil, Wild Orange Oil and/or On Guard Oil Blend 

(Also works great to apply directly to skin or clothing — won’t stain!)

To Calm down at bedtime – diffuse Serenity Oil Blend and/or Lavender Oil 

(Also works great to apply to the feet or a few drops on the pillow- the kids will be sleepy in no time!)


Using doTERRA in the Classroom

Teacher Testimonies


Calming Nerves 

“I’m a special education teacher in a middle school located in Arizona, and I first started to use doTERRA products when my district was taking the state assessment test. My students came into class the first day a bit nervous and talkative. You could just sense the unrestful energy in the classroom and inappropriate behavior was the result. I went home that evening and was determined to figure out how to change the environment. The next day, before the students came in, I placed a couple drops of Lavender oil on a cotton ball and placed it behind a fan in the room. As the students entered the room, I turned on the fan and it began to diffuse the Lavender. The students initially had that nervous energy;  however, within 15 minutes I noticed the students were beginning to calm down. I would continue to add a drop of Lavender on a cotton ball every hour. The calming effect continued for the remainder of the testing week.  I stopped placed in the oil on the cotton ball for 3 days and noticed the nervous energy came back, but on the 4th day I resumed using the Lavender and observed the calming properties resumed.

doTERRA Essential Oils have played an important role in my classroom. As teachers, if we can reduce undesirable behavior or calm our students to a manageable degree, then we can focus on what we do best and teach our students. I have also been amazed with the results I have experienced in my own household”

-Albert LeFebvre – Casa Grande, AZ


A Cleaner Classroom

“I am a reading intervention teacher so I see lots of groups of children throughout the day. I use the Lotus diffuser at school to help fight germs and odors in the classroom. My 2nd grade students were fascinated with the glowing blue light and the mist that comes from the diffuser. I told them it was a germ-fighting machine. Some of the different  doTERRA oils that I used were – On Guard Oil Blend, Wild Orange Oil, Lemon Oil and Grapefruit Oil.”

-Michelle Bonne – Littleton, CO


Diffusing for Better Performance

“I’m a 6th grade math teacher. Math is a high-anxiety subject for many people. 6th grade is a also a high emotional stage for most. This combination makes doTERRA essential oils in my classroom a necessity!  At our initial Meet The Teacher Night, I had my diffuser running with Lavender Oil and Balance Oil Blend to keep me calm and ready to meet parents and students. I had many parents come in and comment on the lovely smell and several notice the diffuser and asked about it. I gave a simple explanation that they were essential oils in a diffuser and received comments of, “I wish MY teacher had that when I was in school,” “Even I can do math with an atmosphere like this!”, etc. I was presently surprised at the positive way that the diffuser and oils we received.

My students began to watch me when I put oils on myself and in the diffuser, and would ask why I was using them, what I was using, and what the benefits were. Its been a fun year of explaining that, “Lots of students are coughing or out sick so I’m putting in On Guard to kill the germs in the air and keep me and you healthy”, ” I needed some peppermint to wake me up a bit”, “I put Lavender on because you guys are a little crazy right now”, or “This one will help you concentrate on the test!” If I ever took the diffuser home, students would beg me to “bring back the raindrop thing!” They ask to smell it up close and like to play a guess game of which oils I’m using. Others, who know when then need the help to calm down, will ask me to put oils in the diffuser to help them!

I feel like having the oils in my classroom has done several things for me and my students this year. We’ve had a healthier classroom with much, much less sickness being passed around, my room smells great, we’re a calmer and happier group, I’m able to be balanced and level and teach them at a lower stress level. Thanks doTERRA for a great year in the classroom and many more to come!!

My Favorite Classroom Oils

On Guard — “for germs”

Lemon — “for germs & to keep the students happy”

Lavender — “to keep them calm and relieve stress”

Peppermint — “to wake them up”

Balance — “to balance them out”

Bergamot — “helps them be happy students”

Citrus Bliss — “kills germs, smells delicious and balances classroom atmosphere”

Elevation — “to relieve emotional stress”

—Lindsay Baily – Glendale, AZ


Essential Oils for Better Behavior

“I have been using doTERRA essential oils in my 2nd grade classroom for almost 2 years.  Students always want to have the seat closest to the diffuser! Last year, I had a classroom full of students with very high energy and Serenity Oil Blend helped to keep them calm. I also diffused doTERRA’s On Guard blend during cold & flu season, and Peppermint & Lemon worked well during testing.

This year, however, I have a very different class. This class seems to need more help with focusing, so I diffuse mostly Peppermint with Wild Orange or Lemon, and of course On Guard.”

-Cynthia Velez – San Francisco, CA


How Germs Impact Education

– Nearly 22 million school days are lost annually due to the common cold

– 52.2 million cases of the common cold affect Americans under age 17 each year.

-Infectious disease accounts for millions of lost school days and cost the US $120 billion a year

Adding doTERRA’s Essential Oils to your home and/or classroom will help keep your kids healthy, focused & ready to learn!


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  1. I just got equipped with my diffuser and oils to use in my kindergarten classroom this year. Is there an example letter you send home to the students’ parents letting them know you’re using it?

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