Essential Oils for Insect/Bug Bites & Stings…

doTERRA Essential Oil Support For 

Insect/ Bug Bites & Stings

Stings and bites from insects are common. They often result in redness and swelling in the injured area. Sometimes a sting can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Insects do not usually attack unless they are provoked. Most bites and stings are defensive. The insects sting to protect their hives or nests.

A sting or bite injects venom composed of proteins and other substances that may trigger an allergic reaction in the victim. The sting also causes redness and swelling at the site of the sting.

  • Bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and fire ants are members of the Hymenoptera family. Bites or stings from these species may cause serious reactions in people who are allergic to them. Death from bee stings is 3-4 times more common than death from snake bites (for more information, see stings of bees and wasps). Bees, wasps, and fire ants differ in how they inflict injury.
    • When a bee stings, it loses the entire injection apparatus (stinger) and actually dies in the process. A wasp can inflict multiple stings because it does not lose its injection apparatus after it stings.
    • Fire ants inject their venom by using their mandibles (the biting parts of their jaw) and rotating their bodies. They may inject venom many times.
  • In contrast, bites from mosquitoes typically do not cause significant illnesses, unless they convey “vectors,” or microorganisms that actually live within these mosquitoes. For instance, malaria is caused by an organism that spends part of its life cycle in a particular species of mosquitoes. West Nile virus is another disease spread by a mosquito.
  • Other types of insects, bites, and diseases
    • Lice can transmit epidemic relapsing fever, caused by spirochetes.
    • Various mosquitoes spread viral diseases (such as equine encephalitis;dengue and yellow fever in humans and other animals).
    • Ticks can transmit Lyme disease and other illnesses through their bites or stings.
    • Other insects such as chiggers and mites typically cause self-limited localized itchiness and swelling.
    • Serious bites from spiders, which are not insects, can be from the black widow or brown recluse

The response to a sting or bite from insects is variable and depends on a variety of factors. Most bites and stings result in pain, swelling, redness, and itching to the affected area. The skin may be broken and become infected if the bite area is scratched. If not treated properly, these local infections may become severe and cause a condition known as cellulitis.

You may experience a severe reaction beyond the immediate area of the sting if you are allergic to the bite or sting. This is known as anaphylaxis. Symptoms of a severe reaction include hives, wheezing, shortness of breath, unconsciousness, and even death within 30 minutes. If you notice a severe reaction taking place, contact 911 or your local emergency center immediately.

dōTERRA products are safe to use on all ages.


doTERRA Essential Oil Insect / Bug Bite Support:

General Bite/Sting Itching 

Apply 1-2 drops of Lavender Oil 


Bees, Wasps & Hornet Stings:

First: Remove the stinger, and apply a cold compress with Roman Chamomile Oil to the area for 1-2 hours.

Make a blend of equal parts (use as many of the following oils as possible) : Roman Chamomile Oil, Purify Oil Blend, Lavender Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil and Thyme Oil – Apply 1-2 drops of blend on area 2-3 times a day until symptoms disappear.


Gnats & Midges:

Mix 3 drops Thyme Oil in 1 tsp cider vinegar or pure lemon juice. Apply to bites to stop initial irritation.

Make a blend of Lavender Oil and TerraShield Oil Blend – apply 1-2 drops to bite area 1-2 times a day until symptoms disappear.



Make a blend of equal parts Eucalyptus Oil , TerraShield Oil Blend, Rosemary Oil, Melaleuca Oil, Geranium Oil and Lemon Oil – Rub 2-3 drops of mix into scalp 3 times a day and apply to bottom of feet, nightly. 



Make a blend of TerraShield Oil Blend, Patchouli Oil and Lavender Oil (If Helichrysum Oil  is available, add as well) – Apply 1-2 drops on feet and over existing bites. 

Add 3-5 drops of mix to 1 Tbs. Fractionated Coconut Oil, and apply to exposed skin to avoid further bites.

Add 3-5 drops to  1-2 oz distilled water in a small spray bottle, shake well, and mist onto the skin or into small openings where bugs may come through.

Diffuse blend in the air. Place 1-2 drop on small ribbons, strings or cloth, and hang around outdoor area to help repel mosquitoes.



Make a blend of equal parts Basil Oil, Purify Oil Blend, Lavender Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Lemon Oil, Peppermint Oil and Thyme Oil – Apply 1-2 drops to affected area as a cold compress… hold for 1-2 hours.



Make a blend of equal parts Patchouli Oil, Veviter Oil and Clove Oil – Apply oil mix around foundation and to soil around wood structures to help repel termites. Also diffuse in the area.



Do not apply mineral oil, Vaseline or anything else to remove the tick as this may cause it to inject poison into the wound.

Be sure to remove the entire tick. Get as close to the mouth as possible, and firmly tug on the tick until it releases its grip. Don’t twist. If available, use a magnifying glass to make sure that you have removed the entire tick. 

Save the tick in a jar, and label it with the date, where you were bitten on your body, and the location or address where you were bitten for the proper identification by your doctor, especially if you develop Lyme Disease symptoms.

Do not handle the tick and wash hands immediately. 

After getting the tick out, apply 1 drop of Lavender Oil every 5 minutes for 30 minutes.


General Bug Repellent:

Blend 1:

Combine 5 drops Lavender Oil, 5 drops Lemongrass Oil, 3 drops Peppermint Oil and 1 drop Thyme Oil.  Apply to feet, add to 1 cup water in spray bottle and apply using a fine mist over body. Or place drops of this blend on ribbons or strings and tie near windows or around picnic or camping area.

Blend 2:

Combine equal parts Clove Oil, Lemon Oil, and Orange Oil  – apply 2-3 drops on exposed skin.

Blend 3:

Place 5 drops Lemon Oil and 5 drops Purify Oil Blend/ or TerraShield Oil Blend in a small spray bottle with distilled water. Shake well, and mist on your skin to help protect against insects, flies & mosquitoes.

Also can diffuse blend in the air.



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  1. My son and his gf went to Costa Rica. They took Terrashield with them, a doTERRA blend and were bug free the entire time. Everyone was asking them, what are you using…because it worked so well.

  2. thank you! was able to treat the secretary in our school office with some of these oils i had in my purse. she had a horrible reaction to whatever bit her and her whole face swelled up EXCEPT for the area that i had applied the oils! i should have thought to cover more area with the oils, but i only applied it direction on the bite.

  3. What works best for fire ant bites? My ankle is so swollen from one bite I can’t walk normal. I also have 3 bites on my wrist and the swelling is the size of half my arm. No Kidding. My dr. said these could actually kill me if I don’t stop getting bit. Trouble is, when I’m weeding, the mounds aren’t always on top of the dirt so I don’t see them. I need help for both pre-bite and after-bite.

  4. […] For a longer list of oil remedies for bug bites, click here. […]

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