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AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the final stage of HIV disease, which causes severe damage to the immune system.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes AIDS. The virus attacks the immune system and leaves the body vulnerable to a variety of life-threatening infections and cancers.

Common bacteria, yeast, parasites, and viruses that usually do not cause serious disease in people with healthy immune systems can cause fatal illnesses in people with AIDS.

HIV has been found in saliva, tears, nervous system tissue and spinal fluid, blood, semen (including pre-seminal fluid, which is the liquid that comes out before ejaculation), vaginal fluid, and breast milk. However, only blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk have been shown to transmit infection to others.

The virus can be spread (transmitted):

  • Through sexual contact — including oral, vaginal, and anal sex
  • Through blood — via blood transfusions (now extremely rare in the U.S.) or needle sharing
  • From mother to child — a pregnant woman can transmit the virus to her fetus through their shared blood circulation, or a nursing mother can transmit it to her baby in her breast milk

Other methods of spreading the virus are rare and include accidental needle injury, artificial insemination with infected donated semen, and organ transplantation with infected organs.

HIV infection is NOT spread by:

  • Casual contact such as hugging
  • Mosquitoes
  • Participation in sports
  • Touching items that were touched by a person infected with the virus


    AIDS begins with HIV infection. People who are infected with HIV may have no symptoms for 10 years or longer, but they can still transmit the infection to others during this symptom-free period. If the infection is not detected and treated, the immune system gradually weakens and AIDS develops.

    Almost all people infected with HIV, if they are not treated, will develop AIDS. There is a small group of patients who develop AIDS very slowly, or never at all. These patients are called nonprogressors, and many seem to have a genetic difference that prevents the virus from significantly damaging their immune system.

    The symptoms of AIDS are mainly the result of infections that do not normally develop in people with a healthy immune system. These are called opportunistic infections.

    People with AIDS have had their immune system damaged by HIV and are very susceptible to these opportunistic infections.

    Those with AIDS have noticed:

    • Chills
    • Fever
    • Sweats (particularly at night)
    • Swollen lymph glands
    • Weakness
    • Weight loss

      AIDS is a pandemic in the world today and it is estimated that over 30 million people in the world are infected.  In the United States it was the number one killer of young adults and by 2009 this has been reduced to number six.

      There is no cure for AIDS at this time. However, a variety of all natural support is available that can help keep symptoms at bay and improve the quality of life for those who have already developed symptoms.

      Although the literature indicates that, to date, no antiviral agents have been found that will defeat the HIV there are a number of ways to consider that doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils can help.

      doTERRA’s CPTG Oils support normal functions of the body and are safe to use on all ages.

      doTERRA Essential Oil Users Have Found The Following To Assist In AIDS Support:

      Initial Cleanse:

      Add 2-4 drops of Lemon in water daily (in glass containers only!)

      Take 3-4 drops each of On Guard Oil BlendOregano Oil,  and Peppermint Oil in a capsule daily for 10 days.  Followed by 5 days of a probiotic and start the ongoing treatment below.

      (Avoid processed sugar & white flour during this time)

      Ongoing Support:

      Continue adding 2-4 drops of Lemon in water daily (in glass containers only!)

      Take 3-4 drops each of Frankincense,  On Guard Oil Blend, Melaleuca and Rosemary in capsule daily

      Take the Lifelong Vitality Supplements daily

      Rub 2-3 drops each of Balance Oil Blend and On Guard Oil Blend on feet twice a day (morning & night). (can also rub in 2-4 drops of  Lavender for stress relief or sleep aid at night)

      Strengthening the immune system:

      The AromaTouch Technique is a massage type administration of essential oils that relieves stress and uses key oils to strengthen the immune system

      Click here to learn more about the AromaTouch Technique

      Relieving stress and depression:

      The previously mentioned AromaTouch Technique plus a number of individual oils and blends will help… diffuse Serenity Oil Blend, Balance Oil Blend and/or Lavender Oil in the air

      Bacterial infections:

      A number of oils are very effective against bacterial infections including Frankincense, Lavender, and Melaleuca. Since you’ll be taking them daily, this should help minimize infections, however these oils can also be applied topically or diffused in the air in addition to the daily capsules,  if infections occur.

      For Fever:

      Rub one drop of Peppermint Oil on temples, forehead & back of neck

      For Congestion:

      Rub 3-4 drops of Breathe Oil Blend on chest & nose (can add additional Peppermint oil as well)

      For Upset Stomach:

      Rub 3-4 drops of DigestZen Oil Blend over abdomen or add to capsule.

      Additional Help:

      Rub 1-2 drops Frankincense on base of neck daily 

      Diffuse Elevation Oil Blend during the day for energy and Serenity Oil Blend at night for relaxation

      Keep a well balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables

      Have the following “Spine Therapy” done once a week:

      First apply coconut oil (olive oil can be substituted) along the length of the spine.

      Then, Drop any 2 or all of the following doTerra essential oils down the spine:

      Starting with Oregano, then On Guard, Frankincense, Rosemary, Lemon, Thyme, Aroma Touch… and end with Peppermint

      Hot compress for 15 mins after you lightly massage into back along the spine area

      Check out the results from a study on the efficacy of melaleuca oral solution for the treatment of fluconazole refractory oral candidiasis in AIDS patients:



      These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.”

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  2. Why is it important to put the lemon in a glass container?

    • Lemon – as well as all citrus oils – naturally pulls toxins out of your body as well as plastics. So if you put a citrus oil in a plastic water bottle — you will be liquiifying the plastic slowly & ingesting it. Test it out for yourself… put a drop of lemon oil on a Styrofoam cup.. it will melt a hole right through it.. pretty cool trick though.. haha

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