Be “On Guard”!!

DoTerra Essential Oil Blend

On Guard™
Protective Blend

On Guard™ is dōTERRA®’s unique, proprietary blend formulated to support healthy immune function. Wild orange essential oil, combined with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary offer a fragrant, natural and effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support. On Guard, with its unique aroma, is one of our most versatile blends. It is also safe to use on counter tops, as a non-toxic way to cleanse surfaces, or to purify the atmosphere by diffusing. On Guard is superb for eliminating and controlling pathogens due to the potency of its constituents

In university-based testing, the On Guard blend was found to have a 99.96% effective kill-rate against airborne bacteria.  It has proven itself to be highly effective in supporting the immune system and general good health.

Diffusing OnGuard® into the air aids eliminating germs and bacteria brought home

Stephanie had an incredible experience with On Guard getting rid of the flu for one of her children and it helped prevent the rest of her family from getting sick


A Surefire Way to Knock Out a Cold

One of the greatest benefits of essential oils is the many ways to quickly kick the common cold.  Here’s a surefire way to stop that cold when you start to feel it coming on.

Add the following to an empty gel capsule & take twice a day

  • 3 drops of Oregano
  • 4 drops of On Guard
  • 4 drops of Peppermint

(Can get empty capsules at any health food store, generally $3-$5 for 100)

Lemony Immune-Boosting Tonic w/ On-Guard

  • The juice of one organic lemon – I usually try to get big ones
  • 1-2 tsp. organic maple syrup (you could use honey or agave nectar as well)
  • 2 drops of On-Guard essential oil
  • 12-16 oz. hot water
  • mix ingredients together in a hot beverage mug and enjoy! I think it would also taste good and be effective with room temperature or cool water in the summertime.

I drink this first thing in the morning. Even when I spend the night away from home, I bring the ingredients with me. It is very soothing and satisfying to me. I feel energized after I drink it. Could it replace your morning cup of coffee? Drinking fresh lemon juice upon awakening is also a known health tonic in Ayurvedic (a traditional health system founded in India long ago) texts to alkalize and cleanse the system. Yes, lemon juice is very alkaline in the body even though it is known as an acidic fruit.  Adding the drops of  On-Guard to the drink gives an added boost to my immune system.


 Top Uses for dōTERRA’s On Guard™ Essential Oil Blend

Mix with a tbsp of water, gargle for 1 minute then swallow at the on-set of a sore throat.

Put on the soles of children’s feet at night during cold & flu season to support immune system (be sure to put cotton socks on after applying the oil).

Put several drops in a bowl of hot – hot water and breathe in the vapors as it begins to volatilize when you have lung congestion

Put 50 drops in a spray bottle with 30 oz of distilled water. Shake often and use to sanitize kitchen and bathroom surfaces (cleans great too)

Add to your dishwasher for micro clean dishes

Gargle and brush daily for healthy teeth and gums and to prevent and treat gum disease

Diffuse in homes or business to kill air borne pathogens, inhibit mold and build immune systems.

Spray in public restrooms on airplanes to reduce airborne bacteria.

Spray on shower stalls and bathroom walls to disinfect and remove mold.



Click here to learn about On Guard Foaming Hand Wash!

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  1. […] Establish the daily routine of applying doTERRA’s OnGuard blend on the bottom of feet (for yourself as well as family members) both morning and night, which creates […]

  2. How in the world did you drink this mixture?! With only one drop of oil it was so strong that it numbed my lips and throat!

  3. Most people whom are carriers of the viral infection responsible for formation
    of cold sores on lip, never really experience the symptoms.
    They might yet be nevertheless contagious plus spread the infection to others, even
    without the occurrence of blisters.

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