DoTerra Spine Therapy

The DoTerra Spine Therapy was shown to me by a Chiropractor/Massage Therapist who also offers Aroma Therapy & Nutrition Counseling for his clients…

He has been using Essential Oils his whole life and found DoTerra to be the best! He & his wife have 8 children who go to public school and NONE of them have ever missed a day for being sick!!!

He uses this and many other Doterra essential oil applications as preventative as well as when symptoms appear.

They put oils on their & their childrens back regularly, as the spine is main conduit for all our nerve endings. He says our spine is the true “motherboard” of the body, since it holds all the circuits.

Here is his general “Spine Therapy”

For Viral, Bacterial, Back Spasms, Spine Compressions, Simple Colds, Flu’s, and Infections.

First apply coconut oil (olive oil can be substituted)

Then, Drop any one or all of the following doTerra essential oils down the spine:

Starting with Oregano (natural antibiotic), then Thyme, Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Rosemary, Aroma Touch… and end with Peppermint

(Can combine any other oil having to do with ailment i.e colds add Breathe Oil Blend)

Hot compress for 15 mins, massage in


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